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Recent genuine testimonials from some of my visitors ...


August 2008 -


I've just about recovered from the most humiliating, disgusting and degrading experience of my life. I felt totally violated and broken when I left you after my session. After my previous session with you I was instantly nervous as soon as you made me start licking your boots, and when you taunted me by saying 'don't lick the heels, you know where those are going' I had flashbacks to the last time I was in this position with you and the bruised throat I received after you'd rammed your very high heels down my throat. Suffice to say my throat was again bruised after seeing you. All the while you were so kind in lubricating my mouth with your delightful spit so that my tongue glided smoothly over your patent boots, very kind indeed. So all in all this wasn't too bad, little did I know that my mouth was about to be totally destroyed. Out came the strap on dildo, and I began to realise that having asked for a totally humiliating session I was going to receive it. Again you showed kindness by letting me get used to this object being in my mouth, but taunting me all the time, I knew that you were going to make me deep throat it no matter what. And sure enough in it all went, with me gagging and spluttering as you held it in there for 10 seconds. If I recall tears were streaming down my face. As you had threatened to rape my ass with it if I hadn't done a good job I was very worried that my anal virginity was goingto be taken from me as you were clearly in a very sadistic mood. Thankfully my ass survived to face that horror in the future, although I did truly think you were going to rape me.

As soon as I was bound to your bed and you produced that box of horrible dark chocolates I knew I was about to regret asking for you to force feed me your chewed up food, having you spit chocolate into my eyes was horrible and made me feel worthless. But the most horiffic experience was the toilet box. It was very cruel of you to encourage me into it saying that you'd only show me what it was like to be trapped, having you look down at me through the seat was very humbling. Unfortunately for me once I saw the funnel you had it was too late to back out and I realised how stupid I'd been letting you trap me. And down it came as you pissed all over my face, in my eyes, in my mouth, some went up my nose and my head lay there in piss after you shut the lid. Leaving me there for a few minutes made what had just happened even worse.

I felt horrible for days afterwards, but the important thing is that you really seemed to enjoy it so at least I have that to hold on to.

So thanks again, your far exceeded my expectations, my only fear is that I'll need you to push me even further next time, maybe employing some torture techniques.

Humble regards


July 2008 -

Morgan! Sorry for delay with feedback. Truely erotic will definately visit again seeing what new equipment you have! You truely let me have it and did well on the pain side as you said, I really thought what the fuck have I paid for when almost screaming with pegs and wax you know where, but definately loved it for first visit to a domme compared with my limited previous experiences.
You are a lady who will truely test the senses to the limit, but really does know someone's limits and pushed me to enjoy what I never thought possible! And I can tell you truely love your job!
Thanx Jonny

May 2008 -

Dear Mistress Morgan, thank you for such an awesome session yesterday! I will be back very soon for more of the same, and will try to hold off on my 'safe word' longer next time!! The toilet box experience was most humiliating and it gave me such a buzz to submit in this way, especially as I could tell you were enjoying every minute of it!
Your very humble slave, steve

Hi Morgan
Just a quick note to thank you for a great session yesterday. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Love, David

March 2008 -
Hi Morgan... Just a quick word to thank You for the session this evening... that was good, really good.... just thinking about it I could do with a round 2!!!!!... I will def be back.... not as often as I would like ... funds!!!! but I will try and do my best ...
Not what I expected... even better.
Hope you had a pleasant weekend (BY the time you read this) not too knackered with all the travelling.
Yours Bob xxxx

Jan 2008 -
Hi Morgan,
I just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for a fantastic session the other day.
It was a real honour to suffer for you as it was very obvious that you loved every second of our time together.
It was amazing having you laugh at my discomfort throughout, and the eye contact you constantly made was very humbling. ANd when you brought tears to my eyes so early on into the session whilst ramming your heel down my throat I knew it was going to be a session to remember.
I loved the spitting. it made me feel totally humbled, even more so than the humbler! I look forward to having you spit on me again, and I'd love it to be much more extreme and humiliating, maybe you could chew some food up and spit it into my mouth? Who knows, but I'm sure you could come up with some ideas.

Hi, Morgan
Just a line to thank you again for giving me so much pleasure yesterday afternoon.
I look forward to seeing you again before long - in about a month's time, I hope.
With best wishes for the New Year.
Robert x x

Firstly thanks for such an enjoyable wrestling session today. The pains in my back and neck are just beginning to surface and I should be fully in pain by tomorrow morning !
I certainly will be interested in another match with you at some stage when I'm next passing through.
Take care, regards,

Hi Morgan,
Just to let you know that I managed to hobble home yesterday - just about!.
Today, I still ache where I didn't realise I could ache & it still hurts to
walk. Still I had throughly great time yesterday - thank you.